Time Thursday Friday
9:20 Opening (Estelita Vaz1)
Session Chair: Carot Session Chair: V Cardoso
9:30 G Cardoso Natário
9:55 Gomes Costa
10:20 Diaz-Polo Rubiera
10:45 Coffee Coffee
Session Chair: Penedones Session Chair: Mas
11:15 Mas Bertolami
11:40 Rocha Tavakoli
12:05 Ballon Bayona Willison
12:30 Flachi Minamitsuji
12:55 Lunch Lunch
Session Chair: Herdeiro Session Chair: Rocha
14:30 Lemos Herdeiro
14:55 Penedones Bronnikov
15:20 Shock Okawa
15:45 Vitagliano Ferreira
16:10 Quinta Brito
16:35 Coffee Coffee
Session Chair: Natário Session Chair: Lemos
17:05 V Cardoso Rosa
17:30 Zaslavskii Czinner
17:55 Bolejko Zilhão
18:20 Lopes Closing
18:45 Luz

The list of speakers, talks and abstracts can be found here.

Talks in black will take place at Instituto de Educação (building 22 of the map - see Location and Travel).

Talks in green will take place at Complexo Pedagógico 3 (building 16 of the map - see Location and Travel).

1 President of the School of Sciences of University of Minho
2 The dinner will take place at Restaurante Inácio, Campo das Hortas 4, 4700-210 Braga at 8 pm.

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