Location And Travel


The conference will take place at Campus de Gualtar of University of Minho in Braga.

On Thursday and Friday morning, it will take place at Instituto de Educação (building 22 of the map above).

On Friday afternoon it will take place at Complexo Pedagógico 3 (building 16 of the map above).

How to reach Braga

  • By train There are frequent connections to Porto (urban trains - see schedule here). From Lisbon and other main portuguese cities there are also a few direct trains ("alfa pendular" and "intercidades"), and many other trains to Porto-Campanhã, where you can get a connection to Braga. See schedule here.
  • By plane The closest airport is in Porto. From there you can take a direct bus to Braga (check here for more information). Otherwise, there is a metro station ("Aeroporto") with direct connections to Campanhã (check here for more information). In Campanhã follow the signs to railway station and get the train to Braga. If you arrive to Lisbon airport, take a train to Braga at Oriente or Santa Apolónia stations.
  • By bus There are many carriers with direct connections to Braga from many portuguese and some spanish cities. See Rede Expressos, Transdev, Renex and Alsa for more informations. From Terminal Rodoviário de Braga in Av. General Norton de Matos you can walk to Avenida Central and Largo Senhora-a-Branca (click the map above for directions).

How to reach the center of Braga

From the train station, take buses number 2 or 24, or else walk through Rua Andrade Corvo, Rua do Souto and Avenida Central. This is an easy and pleasant walk, mainly through pedestrian streets.

How to reach University of Minho

From the train station, take bus number 43 (each 15 minutes, during weekdays only). Other useful buses from the city center are 2 and 24. Take a look at TUB for directions and schedules.

From the center of Braga you can reach the University by walking 15/20 minutes along Largo Senhora-a-Branca, Rua de São Vítor, Rua D. Pedro V and Rua Nova de Santa Cruz, or else taking buses 2, 24 or 43 (take a look at TUB for directions and schedules).

If you are looking for directions with Google Maps, always look for Universidade do Minho, Campus de Gualtar, Braga (if you look simply for "Universidade do Minho" you may be taken to the Rectorate of the University, in the center of Braga).

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